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My journey started in my early teens with body pain and strange symptoms of tingling, numbness, headaches, irritability, hormonal imbalance and menstrual pain, insomnia and  an inability to concentrate. After a long search the answer came to me through bodywork and the 35-year journey of learning that followed.  Beginning with chiropractic-osteopathy and nutritional medicine I was led to explore the breath, learned about posture and the use of self, mindfulness and meditation, the possibilities of movement/dance and the essence of energy. I studied a five-year health science degree in chiropractic, post graduate studies in movement and dance, the Alexander Technique, many years of yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais practice as well as Body Mind Centering and conscious dance. Mindfulness, breath work and Focusing all  continue to support my nervous system and to a form of mind-body practice that I call Bodywise Somatics. 

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