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Co-creation, Collaboration and Conversations

The Bodywise Somatics community is a place to share our understanding of the personal and professional practice of Somatics and embodiment. We come together as Somatic practitioners, artists, writers, poets, movement facilitators (including Qoya teachers), therapists and those wanting to explore this field.

Science, art and philosophy merge in the field of embodiment and Somatics. Through our practice we know ourselves more deeply and remember our innate wisdom, and share this with others.  

Explore an area of interest, gain inspiration and experience your own natural body wisdom with one of our Bodywise practitioners, trainees or artists. 


Our reverence for Somatic work and the body's wisdom inspires us to connect.


Rose Burling

Programming Editor

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Heidi Barrett

Assistant Manager


Bridie De 

Art Director


Coach Mentor Chiropractor

Bodywise Somatics 

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Wholistic Health Somatics


Somatic massage therapy


Embodied Journey Facilitator and Writer 

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Writer Performer Artist 

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