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Dr Marg Peck
BSci (Health-Chiropractic), Grad Dip (Movement & Dance) 
Chiropractor, Bodywise Somatics Practitioner, Coach-Mentor, Certified Qoya teacher 
Focusing Practitioner trainee

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Marg is a registered health practitioner of 35 years, the mother of two awesome young men, mentor and coach. Marg is a registered Chiropractor and focuses her practice on gentle, patient-centred care informed by osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and Somatic practices. The journey to heal her own body led to the creation of Bodywise Somatics, which weaves together fundamental principals of Somatic and embodiment practices. Marg has danced most of her life and offered dance as a rehabilitation therapy, and now teaches Qoya movement.

It is the capacity of the body, mind and nervous system to heal that inspires me most in my work and I have experienced this first hand over and over again. The more we understand our own bodies, the greater access we have to the natural wisdom within and the more health, vitality and creativity we can express.

I am very keen to share the understanding of Somatic and embodied practice with anyone who is interested, and particularly practitioners, whether from body-based therapies or the mental-emotional-counselling fields. 

Lift your arms high and breathe

Open your eyes and see

Connect with your heart and feel 

Allow the movement of breath and expansion of spirit

Come and go, return again and again 

Be still and keep moving, 

Be here and everywhere 

There is a place of home

Within this place a spark of hope

A way of knowing

A way of being 

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