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Rose has been immersing herself in the field of mind-body health and integrated nutrition for the last 15 years.  She lives in Gisborne, NZ and is a Mum of two little ones.  It is through her own health journey that lead her to California to study at the Chopra Centre and then to become an Integrative Nutrition Coach, Reiki Practitioner and BodyWise Somatic Trainee.


Rose has a passion and belief in the body's natural ability to heal - physically and emotionally (not separating the two).  “As we connect with our deep knowing and intuition we can access that wisdom and healing”. 


While Rose has a passion for functional nutrition and the biological processes in the body – she teaches that if we are disconnecting from ourselves then it can be harder to find ongoing health and vitality through what we eat and the supplements we might take.  When we can address stress and regulate our nervous systems - then this changes our biology.

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Rose Burling-Smith    Integrative Health, Bodywise Somatics 

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