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Kali Bell Embodied Journey Facilitator and Writer 


Kali Bell holds space for women as a way of deepening connection to body and self. She is a writer, Qoya movement teacher, Qi gong instructor and draws heavily on her training in the "path of self love".  

Through her own healing journey Kali has come to a place of understanding the importance of gentleness and compassion for self and the connection with the body. For Kali it is a gift and honour to share this with others. 

Kali composed her first book of poetry and prose "Breaking Open - a healing journey back home", in 2022. Her poems and stories are an exploration of finding a home within herself amongst the sharp and painful pieces of existence, nature, laughter and the endless learning of loving and letting g0.

Kali continues to write exploring themes around connection, relationships and the body.

"Breaking Open" p 143 

homecoming is not a once off

event, a homecoming happens over 

and over, each time different

each return a change

like the tides coming and going

with each coming, a deeper sense

of knowing, a subtle change

a difference often imperceptible,

the reunion a sweet reverie.

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