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Making change is never easy and taking the first step is the hardest. Having the right support can help you make the changes you desire.

Once you are underway life will conspire to help and unexpected doors open, creativity and confidence increase, intuition flows there is greater capacity to learn, grow and thrive.  

Coaching and the gift of change 

Thank you for your interest in exploring embodiment, personal development, and coaching further. In my coaching practice, I specialize in leveraging somatic and embodied approaches to profoundly impact and regulate the nervous system, unlocking new possibilities in your life and offering insight for your next creative steps.

By embracing embodied awareness, presence, and connection, you can tap into a deep inner knowing about what truly matters and how to navigate your path forward. This approach can help you discern the next right step for your journey.

With over 35 years of experience in the world of somatic coaching and a background in mind-body health, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My foundation in medical health science, combined with extensive studies in mindfulness, body awareness, and coaching practices, has culminated in a holistic philosophy, science, and practice called Bodywise Somatics.

I offer personalized coaching services tailored to your individual growth needs. My coaching packages are designed to be affordable and accessible, with online sessions available to accommodate your location and circumstances.

Drawing on decades of dedicated professional development and study, I have created Bodywise Somatics as a transformative approach to empower individuals to reconnect with their innate wisdom.

Join me on this journey, where you'll discover the power of your body's innate intelligence to guide and unlock your full potential. 

I look forward to meeting with you 

Dr Marg Peck Coach Mentor Chiropractor 

Marg is an invaluable resource for students and graduate chiropractors seeking to navigate the complexities of starting in practice and establishing themselves in their careers. With a strong emphasis on work-life balance, health and wellness, and professional development, Marg offers a holistic and genuine approach to career success and personal fulfilment.

I have been with Marg since 2020 when covid lockdown hit Australia, and I was in my second year of chiropractic. She has helped me manage university studies and work as a massage/Bowen therapist by providing clarity and purpose, creating vision, and setting goals. I am now a qualified chiropractor, starting my practice, and Marg has been fantastic as a mentor. She has helped me start aspects of setting up a practice, advised me on managing conditions, and helped me deal with the many aspects of owning a practice.                              Trina Chiropractor NSW

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