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Heidi Barrett - Artist
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Focusing Somatics & Embodied Wisdom

Somatic work has a powerful capacity to regulate the nervous system
and change the possibilities of someone’s life for the better. 

Bodywise Somatics has emerged from my extensive 35-year voyage in the field of mind-body health. My educational background in health sciences, deep immersion in dance and movement studies, integration of multidisciplinary practices, and years of professional exploration in the field of somatic therapies and practices have given rise to a philosophy, science, and practice that I refer to as Bodywise. 

It is an honour and joy to share embodied practice with others and together with therapists, dancers and artists to create this Bodywise community. 

Bodywise Somatics professional training and embodiement coaching

Courses & workshops: explore more

Heidi Barrett Bodywise somatic artist - nature art mind-body connection
Heidi Barrett Bodywise somatic artist - nature art embodiment
Heidi Barrett Bodywise somatic artist - nature nervous system regulation

Explore the benefits of personal or professional coaching. Coaching is a creative alliance, a way of gaining support, clarifying a direction, and growing your confidence and resources in any aspect of life. 

Bodywise Focusing on Somatics training connects you with your natural body wisdom and offers a pathway to bring this mind-body connection into your personal and professional life. 

Connect with the Bodywise Somatics community and discover ways you can develop your own natural body wisdom and creativity. 

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